5 Steps to Build a Great Instagram Strategy
Shaya Shree Pabari
December 6, 2021

Want to nail your Instagram strategy? Say no more!

We have come up with 15 questions to help you get started with your Instagram Strategy…

  1. What is Your Mission
    You need to be very clear on your mission and your audience to make sure you have your strategy on point!
  2. What is your business purpose?
  3. Who is your audience?
  4. How do you help them?
  5. Content Strategy
    A great content strategy can do 60% of the job for your Instagram Strategy.
  6. How can you help your audience?
  7. What is the goal of your content?
  8. How can you make your content standout?
  9. Build An Audience
    You will also need a targeted audience to convert them into buyers.
  10. Who is your ideal audience?
  11. How do you engage with them?
  12. How do you attract them?
  13. Show Up As An Expert
    It is important to show your expertise, so you can build trust with your community.
  14. Are you showing up as an expert?
  15. What is your expertise?
  16. How can you showcase your expertise?
  17. Be Consistent
    Consistency is the key for a successful Instagram Strategy.
  18. How many times can you post?
  19. How often can. you do stories?
  20. How many times can you engage?