A Guide to Instagram Analytics
Shaya Shree Pabari
June 16, 2022

Instagram analytics can be an extremely helpful tool to track how well your social media is performing, and help plan your future social media strategy. Here are the top 5 metrics you should be looking for:

Engagement Rate

  • The engagement rate tells you what percentage of people that saw your post engaged with it.
  • If a post with really high reach has the same amount of total engagement as a post with low reach, you can see that the post with low reach was more compelling through looking at the engagement rate.
  • Average engagement rate is around 1.75%.

Instagram Reach

  • Reach tells you how many people have seen your posts. Each account that views your post, video, or story counts as one account reached.
  • Reach is useful as it tells you which of your posts are showing up the most in people’s feeds.
  • If your posts are reaching a high percentage of your followers, that’s probably a sign that people are spending a lot of time looking at them and engaging with them. Or it means your posting schedule is working.

Follower Growth

  • Monitoring your follower growth and comparing it with your content strategy is a great way to understand what’s working well for your strategy.
  • For example, a large rise in followers after sharing an Instagram Reel can give you insight into what your target audience likes and what your future strategy should look like.

Audience Demographics

  • Knowing your audience is very important to a successful Instagram strategy.
  • Things like age, location, and gender can inform you of what type of content you should be focussing on and making.

Instagram Website Clicks

  • This is a metric for how many people clicked from your Instagram profile to your website or landing page. If your main priority on Instagram is to drive traffic, conversions, or sales you need to be looking at analytics on website clicks.