A Whole Week of Story Content Ideas Done for You
Shaya Shree Pabari
December 20, 2021

FREE story content ideas… for a whole week? YES PLEASE!

Share 3x stories using the story engagement stickers (polls, quiz, question box) connecting with your audience after the weekend. e.g. what did you get up to over the weekend?

Show your face for a chat through story. Bust a common myth within your industry.

Re-introduce yourself and your team if you have one. Allow each member to tell 3 fun facts about themselves.

Take your audience behind the scenes. Show them what an average day in your life looks like. Can you give them any sneak peeks?

Highlight a specific product or service. What is it? Why do they need it? What can it solve for your audience?

Answer a frequently asked question on your story. If more than one person has asked this question there will be 100s more that also want to know!

Host a Story Takeover - collaborate with someone who has a similar target audience so you both get something out of it!