How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement
Shaya Shree Pabari
January 10, 2022

Looking to boost your Instagram engagement? We’ve got you!

Here are some quick ways to boost your Instagram engagement and get those numbers soaring!

  1. Focus on creating amazing content
    Sales stuff isn’t important here. Your feed should be 80% educational/fun and 20% sales.
  2. Start conversations with others
    You can’t expect engagement on your posts if you don’t start conversations with others too. Be sure to engage with others when you can.
  3. Write long captions
    Writing informative, long captions on your posts will mean people are more likely to save the content later which is a powerful engagement tool.
  4. Craft & create shareable content
    Shareable content works well on Instagram as people will share and send it to others, which in turn gets you more engagement and boosts your profile.