How to Launch a Giveaway on Social Media
October 25, 2021

So you want to do a giveaway? Let us tell you how to make it successful!

Here are the steps to take to have the best giveaway with high engagement. When used correctly and rarely, giveaways can be really beneficial to your page. They can allow you to grow or even generate UGC for your business.

Why Should I Run a Giveaway?

  • They attract followers quickly (an account that holds a giveaway grows 70% faster than those that don’t…)
  • They build a stronger relationship with your audience
  • They entice current and new followers to engage!
  • They can be used to tease an upcoming product or service and encourage followers to share and submit UGC

Step 1 - What Do You Want Out of Your Giveaway?

  • Set a goal - is it to increase your audience and followers? Is it engagement? Make it clear!
  • Tell your audience what to do, e.g. follow me, tag a friend, share this on your story, etc.

Step 2 - Write the Right Caption!

  • Think about how you want followers to engage with the content and let them know in the caption. Don’t just show off the prize also tell people exactly how to enter, the clearer the better.
  • Creating a new hashtag is a great way to find entries, make it fun - add a bit of personality!
  • In our opinion: the simpler the rules , the more entries!!

Step 3 - Promote it Using Instagram Ads (optional)

  • Not only does this promote your account but also your giveaway!
  • It can boost awareness of the giveaway to a larger audience and potentially increase the overall engagement too.

Step 5 - Announce the Winner!

  • Once you’ve chosen a winner make sure to announce it on your story and/or as a grid post.
  • Be honest in how you do this, if it’s a random winner then make sure it is!
  • This shows people that it’s not a scam giveaway and builds trust.

Step 6 - Look at insights

  • Analyse your insights - how well the post did, how many people followed you, how many did it reach? This will show you how successful your campaign was!
  • Refer back to your goal of the giveaway, did you manage to increase your followers? Did you boost engagement? What will you do differently next time?