How To Write The Perfect Instagram Caption
Shaya Shree Pabari
November 29, 2021

Here is our quick guide for how to write the perfect Instagram caption:

  1. Don’t throw it away: Anything is better than no caption at all, it’s valuable real estate - use it!!
  2. Don’t ramble: This is not the place to tell us your entire life story, make your caption relevant to the photo - it should be adding further context to what you’ve posted.
  3. Ask a question: People don’t tend to start conversations with themselves, if you want people to comment, ask them to share something specific in the comments.
  4. Break it up: You don’t need those little dots to separate your paragraphs anymore, just hit the return key! Break up your lines and add emojis to add interest.
  5. Include a call to action: It could be: ‘TAP the link in bio to shop’, ‘Let me know your favourite xxxx in the comments’ or ‘TAG someone in the comments who needs to hear this’.