What is important to the Instagram algorithm?
Shaya Shree Pabari
February 7, 2022

Instagram algorithm 101

We always hear people talking about the algorithm, but no one ever explains how it actually works, so today we are going to exactly that!

There are six factors the Instagram algorithm takes into account when deciding on what content appears in your feed:

  1. Relationship - Instagram wants to show you content from people and accounts you like, so it looks at who you interact with most and shows you more content from them.
  2. Interest - Instagram identifies posts you are likely to enjoy (based on the type of content you have interacted with in the past) and places them higher up your feed.
  3. Following - The number of people you follow impacts the content that is shown to you. For example, if you follow lots of people, you will see fewer posts from each user.
  4. Usage - The amount of time you spend on Instagram affects the content you see. If you spend a short time on the app, you will see the day’s highlights. But, if you spend a long time on the app, Instagram may populate your feed with suggested content.
  5. Frequency - Instagram looks at how frequently you use the app to determine the posts it shows you. If you use it regularly, your content will be more chronological, whereas if you use it less frequently content will be prioritised based on your interests.
  6. Timeliness - Instagram takes into account when something was posted as it wants to show you the most up-to-date content.

By understanding how content is prioritised to users you’ll be able to understand why your content is performing as it is and how you can improve it!