Why Do Small Businesses Need Social Media?
Shaya Shree Pabari
October 4, 2021

Social media is a different form of marketing/advertising than the old school TV, magazines etc. If used correctly, it can be a powerful tool that supports your business.

So let’s explain why you as a small business needs social media:

  1. Social media helps you connect with your customers - This allows you to have instant conversations and connections with your customers. This gives you the tools to build a relationship with them.
  2. Social media gets your customers attention - Not only does it boost visibility but it gives you a wider reach to different audiences.
  3. Social listening - You’re able to monitor social conversation around certain topics, you can learn what is important to your audience as well as find trends. You’re able to identify what they are struggling with and help overcome their pain points.
  4. Customer loyalty - If done correctly, all of the above creates customer loyalty because people believe and love your brand.

Lastly, it’s FREE! It costs nothing to turn up. Joining a social media platform is free, however, there are many marketeers or agencies that can help you create an amazing social media platform for your business. Check out our services page to see how we can help you out!