Why You’re Not Seeing Results on Instagram
Shaya Shree Pabari
November 22, 2021
  1. You haven’t optimised your profile
    Your bio is one of the first things your audience looks at. If it isn’t strong, it can turn followers away.
  2. Your content isn’t engaging
    Is your content any of the following: Engaging? Entertaining? Inspirational? Educational? If you’re not giving some value to your audience, how can you expect them to want to follow you?
  3. You’re not consistent
    If you post once every 3 months, it can be difficult to grow on Instagram.
  4. You’re not resonating with your target audience
    Think of the type of audience you want to attract: Does your content speak to them?
  5. You’re using the wrong hashtags
    If you’re using the hashtags that rank too high or random ones that are not specific to your industry, it can be difficult to see results from them!